FlawTech - Cast Specimen Set


Cast Specimen set - Qty: 1 Set of 8 Specimens


  • Each Cast Specimen Set will contain a mix of 8 aluminum cast specimens. There will be limited specimen geometry duplication.
  • The specimens are nominal in size and can be held easily in one hand.
  • Each specimen will contain a variety of visual casting defects and abnormalities.
    • There is not a standard number of casting defects per specimen.
    • Each specimen is a unique casting and cannot be duplicated.
  • FlawTech will call out the obvious indications.
    • The skilled inspector may observe indications not documented by FlawTech.

Cast Specimen Sets Documentation:

  • Includes a photograph of each of the 8 specimen’s major surface or side.
  • Each photograph will include one or more call outs indicating the location of the prominent defect(s).
  • Each specimen major side will be hard stamped 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, thru 8A, 8B.

Carrying Case Dimensions and Kit Weight:

  • 15” x 13” x 10”, ~15LBS

Optional RT of Set

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