FlawTech RT “Stacked” Kit (#RTS-K1)


The RT Stacked Kit is designed to allow the RT technician to adjust the thickness of a shot from 0.25” up to 2” T. The plate specimen has tick marks in 2” increments along the plate edges.

These tick marks allow the technician to quickly adjust the plates axial location which in turn will move the flaw location(s) along the axis of the weld. The Kit design allows the technician to also shuffle the plates from top to bottom, thus providing the technician with thousands of possible plate thicknesses and flaw locations.


  • Kit includes 8 plate specimens
  • Each specimen is 0.25” T x 4” x 8” Carbon Steel
  • Of the 8 plates, 6 contain flaws and 2 are blanks.
  • Flaws included are; (1) IP, (2) Slag Inclusions, (1) LOF (sidewall), (1) Centerline Crack, (1) Group Porosity,
  • Each plate has a weld that runs the 8” length of the plate and the crowns and roots have been ground flush in order to accommodate the stacking of the plates. Kit Documentation Includes: Certificate of Conformance As Built CAD Drawings RT Film & Technician Sheet (RT per ASME Sec. V) Measuring & Test Equipment Certificates Test Sheets (used during technician training and testing)

Kit Includes 1 Carrying Cases

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