UVEE Beam Intelligent Lamp


The UVEE is the world’s first Intelligently controlled
portable, hand-held UV Lamp for fluorescent nondestructive testing applications like fluorescent
penetrant testing and fluorescent magnetic particle

Total compliance with:
• Rolls Royce RRES90061
• Airbus AITM6-1001
• ASTM E3022

The Lamps have the ITECP Embedded Controller Processing unit. The ITECP provides the following
• Far tighter control of luminous power outputs
• Optimised battery management provides the longest operating time
• Guarantees that UV output remains at the required level by compensating for temperature of the
• Full power in less than 3s!
Every unit is supplied with a manufacturer’s certificate of conformance for use with fluorescent liquid
penetrant and magnetic particle testing

Product Data Sheet


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