Structurix m eco


A compact and ecological X-ray film processing unit with ‘ECO’ technology, suited to applications that demand the highest image quality while being ecologically responsible. The secret lies in the double fixing tank, the cascade fixing system – a unique concept in the tabletop processors range. 

Features and Benefits

Perfect Processing Quality

  • Design based on several decades of experience and know-how in dedicated industrial X-ray film processor design and construction
  • State-of-the-art technology to guarantee high-quality x-ray film processing

Minimum Processing Costs

  • Precise control of replenishment ensures accurate chemistry consumption
  • Minimum volume of water (as little as 13 l/m2 with our ECO processors) used during processing, creating a low ecological impact
  • Low consumption of electricity due to the infrared drying system and other design elements, such as the automatic standby switch

Low Heat Emission

  • All GE processors feature infrared drying, guaranteeing not only uniform drying of x-ray films, but also reduced energy consumption – helping to keep darkroom temperatures down
  • Easier to maintain comfortable working temperatures in the darkroom

Adjustable Film Receiving Tray

  • Easily-adjustable film receiving tray for all GE processors to suit the kind of film size being processed – incuding sheet film, welding formats or roll film
  • Processed films collected in the tray in the order of the film being inserted
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